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A vibrant harmony of color !

There is an essential idea behind Variopinte that people interpret the strength of a color with regards to the object or the support to which it is applied. Color is as central to the production process as the technical application. And if in Italian the word Variopinte refers to the variety of colors applied to the same support or object, so then the process must be done with a sense of pleasure and vivacity or, e una amabile vivacità. Each color in the collection is determined not by any specific criteria, but rather through inspiration and an intuitive choice as to what color might best fit the object to which it is applied, and in turn that will then bring out the best feeling in the people who use it and the environment in which it is placed.

Stefania di Petrillo

Color is a fundamental element in the creative process of Italian designer Stefania di Petrillo.  She is continuously inspired by the rich diversity of colors that are found throughout Italy.
Stefania is the founder and principal designer of the Variopinte line. She is interested in exploring the concept of ‘intuitive color’, in which the hand of the craftsperson involved in the production process brings to life the vibrant palette of colors onto each piece.